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One day employees of a company walked in the office and were shocked to read the following message:

“Yesterday the person that prevented your advancement in the company past away. We are inviting you to participate in his funeral which will be held at the club floor downstairs.”

In the beginning everyone was sad of losing their fellow colleague but for a minute curiosity spread among the people and they all wanted to see who that person was that held back their advancement and progress in the company.

Security guards arrived to the club where the funeral held and there was a lot of tension and emotions. Everyone was thinking to himself ” who was that person that was responsible of our advancement in the corporate ladder but thank god he finally died”

One after another walked up to the casket and when they looked inside they were saddened like something very very strong touched their soul. Inside the casket was a mirror: every person that looked inside the casket saw a reflection of himself, he saw himself in the mirror. Next to the mirror there was a note and it says:

Your life does not change when your friends, your parents or your girlfriend change.

Your life change when you change it, when you cross the lines that you never dared to cross, when you realize that you are the only person that is responsible for your life.

The most important relationship in your life is your relationship with yourself. Check yourself, look inside yourself. Don’t be afraid of obstacles and failures. Build and invent yourself and your reality.

The way you deal with life is the only thing that makes the real difference.

The art of putting your dreams into reality.

What did you dream of being when you were young? What was it that excited you? Why is this not your reality now?

Most people don’t know how to put themselves on the path to doing what they truly want. Some simply don’t want to put forth the effort required to genuinely succeed. Instead, they wait for someone to come and knock on their door to give them what their heart desires.

There is so much opportunity to achieve financial success and freedom in this world. The key is simply making sure that you’re headed in the right direction, and that you have the willingness to continue in that direction.

What is success?

It is the continuous realization of an idea. It is a process, sometimes a very long process that, if followed to the end, will result in material or spiritual success, or a successful, fulfilling relationship. Most people waste their time in unworthy relationships or jobs, or they don’t pursue anything any at all.

So how do we succeed?

First, let’s discuss the law of the universe. The law of the universe states that like attracts like. If you think good things, good things will happen. If you think negative things, then negative things will happen and you’ll experience disappointment. The universe is made up of energies that you don’t see or hear. It’s proven that if we focus on a vision and feel it day by day, we will achieve our dreams!

The universe will always give back what you put in. There is no free lunch and no easy way up. Dreams start in the head and take years to turn into reality. What will lead you to success is hard work, dedication, perseverance, and loyalty to your goal throughout the process, all despite the inevitable hard times along the way.

Achieving goals doesn’t happen overnight. Something has to give. The universe insists that in order to achieve something, you have to put out something: your time spent going to school or mastering a new skill, your hard work, your free time, or the money that you invest.

So why should we put forth the effort?

Why should we spend the time to learn, invent new things, work hard in putting something together. Why should we invest our money and endure stress over the course of years? Because you will get back what you put in. But the more you stay in the trap of doing nothing and waiting for the world to bring you things, the more time will pass without accomplishment.

Time flies —15 years ago felt like last month. When people are inactive for a very long time, the universe will present them with the very difficult and disappointing reality of struggle and defeat. Ideas and dreams are not enough. It is the actions taken to make these dreams a reality that count. It’s the time invested, the years of sacrifice to achieve a goal and going through all the hardships that will put these dreams into reality.

So when we have ideas, we must go to the next step and start planning. We must take that first step right away and build momentum. It we don’t plan, if we don’t strive constantly, then the dream will remain just a dream. The law of the universe says that after we have a dream, we must go out and do little things everyday towards coming closer to the realization of that dream. Every little action improves our chances of achieving this goal.

The world will not compensate us for our knowledge or for simply having dreams. Reward only comes with hard work, day and night for weeks, months and years. The world compensates us only for our actions and dedication.

Set worthwhile goals.

One reason people do not achieve what they want is because they do not know how to set proper goals. This is why they give up on their dreams before they even start. A goal reflects something that we really want. But without the required level of passion, this goal will never be achieved. You want to feel the desire for your goal’s achievement in your body. When you do, you will intuitively know how to start walking on the path to success.

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