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“Dear Iris, Exactly as you had explained to me in your numerological assessment, I found and married my soulmate after many years of failed relationships. Not only that, but your were absolutely correct about my life. What you helped me to do was prepare me for the challenges and opportunities that were ahead of me. You really helped me very much. Than you so much Iris!”


Iris’s findings were amazing and to the point. Her advice was ” On Target” and helped me in my own personal goals.


My numerology report allowed me to realize both my strengths and weaknesses. Most of all how I needed to learn to appreciate what my strenghts are and to take advantage of them. Also how I need to learn how I can imporove and work on my weakensses and what holding me back. It gave me an insight on what to expect in my future and how my past has affected my present. It was clear and straight to the point and truly inspirational. It described me so accurate if you knew me so well and spent so much time with me. I was extremely surprised at how well the report described who I was as a person. Every once in a while I go back and reread the report because things that were said in tn the report about events that would occur in y life have actually happened which is shocking. Thank you for such an amazing mumerology report and I look forward to having you in my life for future reports.


Dear Iris, did I tell you that my sister is officially with her new man! I can’t get over your numerology predicition! You are like an angel from heaven! She can’t believe how you never met her and you knew everything about her! Oh my god you are amazing and on the point! thank you so much


Dear Iris

Thank you for finding time to read my numbers. You were extraorginarily accurate about the events in my life. I am amazed! you truly have a genius for numerology.


From Kristin Hampton: I received a very special numerological reading recently from Iris Arden. Iris met me twice. She came highly recommended as to having helpful insight in the matters of uncovering peoples places purposes in the Universe..Curious with questions concerning why and how- I am, I was happy 2 have this opportunity with Iris..She told me a lot about how I perceive myself and how other people view me. Iris was correct about the specifics of my upbringing from childhood to adulthood..She hit on career aspects, hobbies that appeal to me, personal time lines of starts and endings of important relationships in my life..Iris observed things I know about myself, but have a hard time explaining to others, as far as my general outlook on life. She also recognized my emotional condition & attitude and how I seem to be wired. My spirituality, and outside circumstances that effect my existence seem to b written in the stars..Iris understood translated, and conveyed the information to me, in this science of Kabalah Numerology. I will refer back to her advice and accept the karma I incur. I am glad to have had her reading I got it at I time I really needed it. The reading gave me a chance to look at the big picture and make each day, a chance to got it at I time I really needed it. The reading gave me a chance to look at the big picture& make each day, a chance to make things better! thanks Iris.


Iris prepared a numerology chart from analysis of my date of birth and my name. The chart has helped me tremendously to make important decisions on the very right time I needed to make the right decision. I was able to organize my thoughts according to the chart which was accurately made for me. It helped me make the right decisions in my career and personal life. The chart was so accurate that in retrospect everything she said turned out to be my new reality. For me this was a very big gift the universe sent me through the wisdom and knowledge of Iris. I appreciate Iris helping hundreds of people by giving them free advice based on her years of learning and hard work and it’s all for free.


Hi Iris,

Thank you so much for doing my chart! it was amazing to see how much you understand me and everything you have told me so far has come true.
I really appreciate your help and I am sure you help others every day.

Thanks again.

Good Morn Iris,

Once again I want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to concentrate and write a remarkable
reading of my birth numbers. It is difficult to understand how by something a person has no control over (birth date) can determine personality traits. But nonetheless you did it you pretty well nailed me right on the head. its scary. you have a great talent, vision?
you are so busy and doing these readings that you do only for a few special.

thanks again

Dear Iris,

I cannot thank you enough for your assistance and professionalism.
Your advices and the way you explained to me helped me a lot in time of my life when everything was a big chaos ! After talking to you I was able to understand how life brings us new opportunities to grow from and reach our destiny, and there is reason for what happens….
Thank you very much for your wonderful support, it’s incredible!

Truly yours,

Conversation between Iris and S

S. Yes! He’s going thru divorce and so is my frnd.

Iris : I don’t have his full date or name but he can be very generous, fun, loving, easy going and family oriented. Divorce most probably he married young

Does she have own business or working abroad? Or managing or high position in some career

Or married to someone with own business or working abroad?

S. Yes, married to a rich guy, but wants her own money n independence. Her Mom has Cancer,

Iris: You see I was right about her struggles. She is trying to b on her own but very dependent on his money

She can’t leave him bc of the money n lifestyle. She wants to leave him if she knows she has the same financial security…

Iris: Yes that is exactly what I said.

S. She’s a painter, but her husband is a developer n owns real estate.

Yes and she is dominated by him she feels very dominated by a strong figure?

Her husband travels a lot for business n she also travels a lot too bc she’s from Denmark n visits her family in europe.

Iris: She must learn how to stand on her own two feet and be very independent and rely on her self. That’s her leSson but its difficult for her

So there is an overseas element in her life I was right

Or married to someone with money

I was also right

You see I was right about her struggles. She is trying to b on her own but very dependent on his money

S. Exactly! Ur on point!

Iris: Yes that is exactly what I said. She is dominated by some circumstances of a male figure

Yes but she has a lot of what she wants in one way so its difficult to leave. Most likely she will have some money or job improvement big time next year also she might meet people with money

S. She’s surrounded by pple w mega money! She’s been doing well lately selling her paintings…

Iris: Yes this is what I see in her destiny it will b much better next year she will end up standing on her own two feet

She has potential to be recognized and especially in 3 years. Something with a lot of travel and media

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