Why Do I Look 15 Years Younger?

Achieving a youthful look requires both a physical and mental approach. In everything I do, I’m mindful of how it affects my emotional state, as well as my body. Every action and every thought throughout your day can be a chance to strengthen your positive frame of mind, or benefit your body or spirit. It all starts with how you wake up.

Morning routine
Because I conduct business internationally, my day starts very early. I also wake up early so that I can make the most of my time. No matter where I am in the world, my day officially begins at 7:00 a.m. by practicing Qigong, or Chi Kung, the Chinese art of aligning one’s breathing, movement and awareness as a method for achieving mental, spiritual and corporeal health. Qigong includes aspects of traditional Chinese medicine as well as martial arts.

Take care of your spirit — start the day positively
Taking care of your sprit is as important as taking care of your body. A neglected spirit can lead to duller skin, the early onset of wrinkles, early hair loss, a lack of motivation, depression, and even sickness or disease.

That’s why I begin my day with positive thoughts. Starting the day with a positive affirmation is an excellent way to make your spirit happy and boost your confidence. By reciting a positive affirmation, you are training your brain to think positively the rest of the day.

Since I was 14, I have lived a dream and repeatedly instilled it into my subconscious mind. Today, my life is that dream.

My diet
With a demanding career and an intensive travel schedule, I make sure to eat as healthy as I can so that I remain strong. Just about everything I eat is organic. I eat fish 3 times a week, and 4-5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day. To make sure that I eat the daily required number of fruits and vegetables, I take them to work with me.

Managing stress throughout the day
Stress can affect physical as well as mental health. Body chemistry changes when we are stressed, or anxious or angry. When we are in these mental states, not only are we preventing ourselves from thinking clearly, but these states of mind can result in illness.

Your attitudes send messages to your brain. The brain then sends messages to your body. Numerology, as well as many types of spirituality, believes that illness and wellness are directly connected to your attitude and outlook on life.

If our personality and emotional state is not in balance, if we’re constantly moody or down, then our body chemistry is not in balance and can take a toll on our overall health. This is all why it’s so important to start the day positively and to try to remain positive throughout the day.

Life secret — travel often
Because I travel so frequently, maintaining a consistent routine is challenging. But I use challenges to my advantage and try to learn from any lesson that presents itself. Life is constantly teaching us and giving us cues if we’re only willing to listen.

Visiting different countries, islands, cities, both modern and ancient, has exposed me to so many different cultures, people, ways of life, and ways of thinking, all of which has instilled in me ideas, perspectives and a passion that I apply in all aspects of my life every day.

If you can afford to do so, I urge you to travel as much as you can. You will be greatly enriched and left with memories and experiences that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Another life secret – helping others helps you
Even when I’m away, I try to connect with and help as many people as I can. I am so thankful for the life I live and for the chance to help so many people. I meet new people every day and am able to teach them to be successful. This is my art and the ability that I was blessed with, and I make the most of these gifts. Whether I am offering someone financial or emotional guidance, or just a small piece of advice, the best part is, when I help them, I grow as well, and my life too becomes more fulfilled.

Evening routine
I never go to sleep without cleansing my face and putting on toners and creams that correspond to the season and time of day. I never go to sleep without eye cream and exfoliating lotion so that I wake up with lighter, renewed skin.

I not only brush my teeth 2-3 times a day, but also floss every night. Flossing is more important than people realize. The leftover food stuck between your teeth becomes bacteria and enters your blood stream, which can create larger health problems.

End the day positively
I have a very intense and stressful career. To have emotional balance in my life and enable my day to end positively, I screen out the parts of the day that were difficult or that caused me stress. I focus on the good and go to bed thinking only positive thoughts.

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